Code Word: Pineapples

Watching one of Kevin Hart’s stand up, he hilariously referenced using a safe word during sex. A safe or code word is usually used when a partner wants their partner to stop or slow down during sex or sexual contact. Kevin Hart made us think…creating your own language with your partner can be fun and also useful. Here’s how!

During Intimate moments

A code word during sex can let your partner know that a sexual encounter is a bit uncomfortable for you, and that you may need to pull things back.

safe wd.gif

Uncomfortable Situations

Create a word that you and your partner can use to get out of an uncomfortable situation, environment or conversation.

 uncomfortable GIF

To take a time out

If you and your partner get into a heated conversation, using a code word can be unique way for couples to take some time to think about what they’re saying, before they regret actions that hurts the other’s feelings.

 mimi GIF

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