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Penis Mythbusters

There are many myths circulating about the penis, and most are wrong. In this article, we're breaking down some of the more popular ones with a heavy dose of the truth!

There are many circulating penis myths which are making a lot of young men question whether they are perfect “down there”. BUT many of them are wrong. So forget what you’ve heard because we’re breaking down some of these popular myths right now! Check them out –

Myth 1: If it ain’t 8 inches, you ain’t packing

False:  We have no idea who started this, but that is completely false. Most men do not reach 8 inches when erect (or hard). According to studies reported in the British Journal of Urology International,  the average penis length when erect is between 5.5-6.2 inches. So odds are, you’re perfectly normal!


Myth 2There’s a pill/cream to make your penis bigger

False: Let’s get that out of the way. There’s no pill or device that makes you bigger. The only pills that exist are those prescribed for erectile dysfunction (keep an erection).  So a little bit of advice from us- save your money 🙂



Myth 3Shoe size/hand size matters

False: Studies have showed no relationship between shoe size/hands ize and penis size or race and penis size.  It’s just one’s luck of the draw what they’re born with. So if you get called out for whatever reason,  brush it off because it’s just not true!


Myth 4Daily ejaculation lowers your sperm count

Nowww that “myth” may have some truth to it. But before you go into panic mode, here’s the  unfiltered truth! Daily ejaculation -whether it’s through masturbation or sex- will reduce your sperm count, but only for a short period of time since the human body always makes more sperm. So unless if you and yours are trying to get pregnant, you’re also fine.


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