Traits of a Gentleman

Society seems to have set expectations for how guys should behave in relationships or in encounters with partners- particularly female partners. Music, movies , GIFs and even commercials often portray mixed messages that are far from what’s acceptable behavior. If you’re serious about strengthening your game, check out these down to earth tips-

Compliment your partner

happy relationship

No one likes being called derogatory names. The hottest songs  might make it sound cool, but these names are far from respectful or kind. Nice, thoughtful comments are much likely to get a positive and welcoming reaction from your person of interest.

Expect nothing in return


Because you like your partner, you’ll do nice gestures without asking for anything in return. And if there’s ever the desire to get down with your partner, remember to  always get consent to initiate any intimacy or contact- because that’s what a gentleman would do!

Pay attention to detail


Pay attention to the little things that separates your partner from everyone else. Remembering their name and the things that they  like is one way to make it clear that the player lifestyle is not your game.

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