No Secrets…

Some secrets are innocent, while others can be hurtful. Read about the impact of hurtful secrets to relationships

Deciding whether to keep a secret can be a tricky situation.  Some secrets can be fun or trust-building – like those used to surprise someone with good news, or a friend disclosing their sexual orientation to you. But other secrets can hurt your friend, family or partner’s feelings -and even worse- destroy lives, including yours.   Here’s some truth about what secrets can do-


Cause mistrust:

Discovering a bad secret could result in major trust issues in your relationship or friendship.  The best advice is to keep it 100, despite what the consequences may be!


Hurt lives:

Keeping big secrets  like the positive results of an STD test or acts of unfaithfulness can cause physical and emotional harm to you and/or your partner.  Be honest with your before they discover the truth on their own.  


Cause stress:

Keeping secrets can keep you up at night, causing major stress and anxiety.  If you’re unsure of how to break the news, seek advice from a trusted person before opening up.


Important! If a friend has confided in you that they’re in an abusive relationship, please talk to them about seeking help. The Domestic Violence Hotline  is an excellent resource. Do not confront their abuser under any circumstance as this could worsen the situation.

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