Amber Rose on Consent

Amber Rose, Tyrese, and Rev Run talk about consent.


Amber Rose made an appearance on Tyrese and Rev Run’s new talk show “It’s Not You, It’s Men”. During the segment, the three discussed Amber being sexually assaulted by both male and female fans, which brought up a brief and debatable discussion about consent.

[Warning some language is NSFW]

Tyrese and Rev Run suggested that:

It was the way she dressed that attracted this attention.

They shed light that people make opinions of a person based on how they’re dressed and treat them accordingly. For example, if you’re dressed as a basketball player, then people may assume you’re a basketball player and treat you as such.

Amber counters that view by saying:

Regardless of how someone is dressed, they should still be respected.

We all have the right to make assumptions and form opinions of others. However, we do not have the right to grope or grab someone under ANY circumstance without their consent. It is considered a crime and is punishable by law.

Both Tyrese and Rev Run followed the interview with these tweets: 



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