Birth Control

👏👏 Condom Clapbacks


We know that using condoms help prevent pregnancy and the spread of STIs, but when it comes to getting your partner to use one, there’s a chance that you may be faced with some challenges. Check out some of the common excuses that may be thrown at you, and a few comebacks to dodge them. 


😐 Drama: “It doesn’t feel good with a condom”

👏 Clapback: “If u don’t want to use a condom, maybe we shouldn’t have sex.”


😐 Drama: “It’s going to kill the mood.”

👏 Clapback: “Your attitude will kill the mood first.”

😐 Drama: “Let’s go raw, just this one t1ime.”

👏 Clapback: “It takes just one time to catch something or get pregnant.”

Save the drama for your llama.

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