Relationships & Disney

Here are a few lessons that Disney should have taught us.

Disney has brought us fairy tales for as long as we can remember. These tales have shaped our ideas of love, relationships, and sometimes our self-image. As we grow older, we start to understand that a lot of those stories were just make-believe and that real relationships don’t always look like fairy tales. Here are a few lessons that Disney should have taught us.

Beauty and the Beast


You can’t change a beast into a prince. This movie promoted the idea that if you tried hard enough, you could turn a horrible beast into an honest and loving prince. You can’t change someone and you shouldn’t have to endure an abusive relationship in the meantime.

101 Dalmatians


Wear condoms. The end!

Sleeping Beauty


It’s NOT okay to kiss someone without permission, it’s assault! If someone is sleeping, especially someone you’ve never actually met, it’s not okay to kiss them. Try that in real life and you’ll be facing sexual assault charges.

The Little Mermaid


YOU are enough! In a healthy relationship, you shouldn’t have to change yourself to be loved or accepted. Change for yourself, not others.

#justbe you…everyone has a different story. If you make the best decisions for yourself, you can still live Happily Ever After! 

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